Prospering partnership with Cartagena – we are ready for the Norwegian Market!

We are very proud to collaborate already with partners in different countries allover Europe to help them to implement professional software solutions for their customers.

We are quite sure, that our software for shopping center and malls is not only the ideal solution for Austrian and German companies, but also for companies in the same industry in different countries all over the world.

How can we be so sure? We  already have requests from other parts of the world – how about using one of our tools in Thailand or the U.S.? But in order to fullfill all the needs of these customers, we do need Microsoft partners to support us and  become our partner – not only for 365.retail, but also for your addons for Dynamics products ProAddon and our software for the real estate industry 365.immo.

Our addons and solutions are ready for your market!

We are continuously looking for new partners, as we are sure that your clients will benefit from our solutions. Let’s start working together!

There are two different ways to become a partner of our company Provaria – either for ProAddon, 365.immo or 365.retail. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics partner, we can collaborate in many ways.

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Our partnership with Cartagena, Norway

We can keep telling you how awesame partnering up with Provaria and our solutions is – but I guess the best way to proof is to show some happy faces 😉 So let me tell you how smoothly we work together with Cartagena, a Norwegian Dynamics partner.

We like to visit events such as Microsoft Extreme for Dynamics partners – that took place this year in Amsterdam by the way – as it’s always good to keep on track with latest developments and trends with Microsoft. However, beside the technical and sales input we get there, it’s also always a good opportunity to meet companies from different countries, who might be interested in becoming one of our partners.

This time in Amsterdam we had extremely good meetings and talks with the guys from Cartagena, who where especially interested in 365.retail, our solution for shopping center and malls. As one can imagine, discussions about our products took long hours… even extended to bar hours …😉

Back in Austria respectively in Norway, we started intense webdemos and exchanged all necessary information on our solution – thanks to Microsoft teams next to webcalls we also shared important files with Cartagena. In contrary, they provided us with market insights on the Norwegian market and already started working out prospects.

So we are happy to announce, that Cartagena is now our partner in Norway!

Meanwhile Roland Puffer, CEO of Provaria and responsible for 365.retail, also travelled to Oslo to meet with prospects of Shopping Centers all over Norway. He was welcomed with great hospitality and friendliness  – Morten from Cartagena even combined the business trip with some of the most beautiful landscapes his country has to offer.

So we are quite sure – this wasn’t our last (business) trip to Norway – with a competent partner such as Cartagena, 365.retail will surely conquer the Norwegian market too

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