How 365.retail supports you as a center manager

Shopping centers are among the most popular shopping locations. Never before has the density of shopping centers been as high as it is today. They have long since ceased to be a place for quick shopping and have turned our shopping day into a real experience. But what does it take to successfully place a shopping center on the market in the long term?

The key to success is central management. The center manager is responsible for rental and space management, market research and marketing, contract management and the complete internal organization of the shopping center. Of course, these tasks represent a huge challenge for the center management. In order to cope with these tasks, it is crucial whether and which software is used to support the center manager.


Rental and space management

The rental and space management is decisive for the success of the tenants accommodated and thus also for the success of the entire shopping centre. If you as center manager use our CRM system 365.retail , it will not only take over your entire property management, but it will also support you in the ongoing management of tenants, leases, the creation of dashboards and the management of vacant rental properties. If you manage multiple centers, you can easily manage them all in one program. In addition, the daily turnover data of the tenants can be entered via an external turnover portal.


Market Research and Marketing

The most important thing about a shopping center is its relationship with its customers. Unfortunately, it is often not so easy to maintain a good relationship with customers or to build it up in the first place. That’s why choosing the right CRM system is worth its weight in gold. Our software does not only serve for the first contact, it also helps by means of professional e-mail marketing and reminders for VIP customers and birthdays to always keep the clientele up to date.


Contract management

With shopping centers, you can find so many rental objects on such a small spot as in no other place. It is not without reason that people like to compare a shopping centre with a small city. Therefore, the center manager must not only assume the role of the mayor, but also the role of the real estate agent. 365.retail represents a huge support here, as it not only provides the center manager with an overview of all current business transactions, but also efficiently manages all important broker documents.


Internal Organization

With the right program, the internal organization is done in no time at all. With 365.retail, employee access can be managed, dashboards can be created individually for your needs, and your system reminds you of your tasks and appointments on a daily basis. Furthermore, you have an ongoing overview of all your business cases. Due to the complete integration of Outlook, e-mails are not overlooked and can always be found where they belong.


The 365.retail software running on Dynamics 365 makes it easier than ever for center managers to present themselves to customers as an attractive shopping center, rent space profitably and at the same time relieve Management.

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