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What does 365.retail offer?

The functions at a glance

Manage your shopping center and use 365.retail for your entire property management!
With comprehensive document management and highly efficient vacancy management, you not only save time and space, but also resources.

Complete property management according to industry standards

From the organization of your centers to the individual stores, buildings and available parking spaces - 365.retail offers an all-encompassing overview of your individual properties and supports you in all aspects of property management.

Administration of tenancy and rental contracts

365.retail supports you in the creation, structuring and filing of all the documents you need for your business space rental process. Both contract data and individual documents are stored in the comprehensive database.

Clear retail dashboards

Benefit from individually configurable dashboards and always have an overview of your centers, customers and stores. The clear display of your company's key figures provides you with optimal support for important company decisions.

Highly efficient vacancy management

With 365.retail, your business space will let you rent out as if by magic. By means of an acquisition list and digital vacancy management, vacancies are avoided, and serious tenants can be found at lightning speed. In addition, the LinkedIn Connector always provides you with up-to-date data on your preferred brands and their expansion managers.

Recording and administration

With the help of 365.retail you will keep an eye on your stores. Turnover, currency exchange rates, weather data and branches of the individual shops can all be centrally recorded and managed. All the KPI's you need for retail management can be accessed with just a few mouse clicks.

Connection of frequency counting (Footfall) of the existing infrastructure

If you measure your customer activity using Footfall, this data can be automatically integrated into 365.retail. This allows you to make comprehensive and meaningful evaluations.

Mapping of complex business structures (several centers in different countries under one owner)

If you are responsible for the management of several centers or shopping malls, 365.retail offers you the possibility to map several centers in different locations and countries. It is of course possible to map different currencies and use them in different languages.

mobile App (Windows, Apple, Android)

With the mobile app for Apple or Android you can access the software anytime and anywhere. Whether on your mobile phone, tablet or PC - 365.retail accompanies you everywhere.

External turnover portal

The tenants of your stores and centers can enter the daily turnover data in the respective local currency. This means that the sales are recorded centrally in the system. The exchange rates are automatically loaded daily by the ECB into 365.retail.


The entire software is available in several languages - each user can choose for himself in which language he wants to work. In addition, it is possible to display different currencies.

Establishing contact with potential tenants has never been easier!
The search agent and optimized marketing and sales processes make it easy to find new tenants. In addition, 365.retail offers you professional task and activity management.

Search agent / search profiles for contacts

Avoid vacancies and find the optimal tenant for each shop. By means of intelligent search agents you can compare the details of your shops to be rented with the desired criteria of your prospective tenants. In this way, you avoid vacancies and find the right tenant for your sales floor in a flash.

Continuous marketing and sales process for commercial premises

As a full-fledged CRM system, 365.retail depicts your customers and prospects in a clear and structured manner and creates a consistently optimized marketing and sales process. With 365.retail, you can personalize your customer management, store contact data and always keep an eye on open offers and inquiries.

Clear leasing dashboards

Which retail spaces are occupied, which are available and which shops will be available for rent again in the near future? Thanks to the clear Leasing Dashboard, our solution shows you all this and more at a glance.

LinkedIn Connection to contact potential tenants or brands

In order to find serious tenants for your business premises more quickly, 365.retail makes it easy and time-saving for you to contact them through direct connection to the LinkedIn business network.

Extensive evaluation options and comparisons with previous years using Microsoft Power BI

Through the integration with the analysis platform Microsoft Power BI, you can create and visualize extensive evaluations. This allows you to make well-founded decisions and gain valuable insights which will boost your business.

Increase the success of your shopping center through long-term customer loyalty and professional new customer acquisition. 365.retail offers you an innovative marketing tool that supports you in addressing your target group in an individual and unique way with the help of customizable customer journeys, e-mail campaigns, social media, web forms and much more.
Thanks to marketing automation and the user-friendly and innovative functionalities, you create a 360-degree view of your target group and can increase the frequency of visitors to your shopping mall through targeted marketing.

Addressing target groups for tenants and end customers/visitors

The success of your shopping center depends, among other things, on the advertising and marketing activities carried out. Our shopping center software supports you in maintaining contact with tenants and end customers/visitors via a wide range of marketing channels, such as e-mail, social media, web forms, SMS or events.

The intuitive tool enables you to create effective customer journeys based on demographic characteristics and behavioral patterns of your target group. You benefit from a targeted approach and create sustainable customer loyalty.

Better customer understanding

3365.retail gives you the opportunity to collect customer feedback via personalized surveys. This allows you to continuously monitor your customers' perception of your services and the brands you offer. In no time at all, you can deploy engaging surveys using templates that include question sets, workflows, and branding customizations.

Furthermore, 365.retail analyzes how your target group interacts with marketing activities. This provides you with comprehensive evaluations that serve as a basis for better understanding the reactions of your customers.

E-Mail-Campaigns and Social-Media-Marketing

Plan, create, and analyze powerful and personalizable email campaigns. Create personalized info emails, seasonal greetings, birthday wishes, newsletters and much more using the integrated email editor. Of course, extensive evaluations of opening rates, newsletter unsubscribes, etc. are available to you afterwards. In addition, you can create marketing calendars in 365.retail and create and publish social media posts.


Increase the experience-oriented attractiveness factor of your shopping center through events. The integrated event management function supports you every step of the way. Starting with planning and budgeting, advertising and participant registration to the final analysis and evaluation. In addition, you can also organize webinars and online events thanks to the MS Teams integration.

Clearly arranged marketing dashboards

Comprehensive and clear marketing dashboards allow you to easily identify and measure the success of your marketing activities. Of course, you can determine yourself what you want to see in your dashboard.

Keep track of your tenants and stores!
Individualize your service processes and control the building services and external service providers quite simply by app.

Case Management (Facility)

Every store in your mall is individual - so you need to keep an eye on every single store. 365.retail accompanies you in the day-to-day running of your center management and helps you to keep an overview of your retail space.

360-degree view over the cases of tenants/stores

With the 360 degree view you can clearly display your business premises and the associated service cases.

Customizable service processes

Design your service processes the way you are most efficient for your business. Controllable overviews and the easy processing and planning of tasks ensure efficient cooperation in your team.

Clearly structured service dashboards

Customizable views, meaningful reports and dashboards provide you with the most important key figures with just one mouse click.

Control of the building services

Schedule your employees where they are needed. With 365.retail, for example, you can create schedules and work orders for your in-house technicians. The mobile app allows them to access them anytime, anywhere.

Control external service providers

Not only internal employees, but also external workers and service providers can be coordinated with the help of 365.retail.

365.retail makes internal organization easier than ever before!
Manage users, distribute tasks, create dashboards, and so much more.

User and role administration - which employee has access to which information?

In addition to the center management, all responsible employees in marketing, rental, retail, etc. should be able to access the data relevant to them or enter new data. With 365.retail, you can determine which employees can see which information and have access to which data.

Task and activity management (notes, tasks, telephone activities, appointment activities, etc.)

With 365.retail, you can create notes, tasks and telephone or appointment activities in no time at all. You can schedule these and assign them to yourself or your colleagues and add a reminder. This saves you time and ensures a smooth flow of information.

Custom Dashboards

Configurable dashboards always allow you to keep an overview. In addition to a detailed sales pipeline, you can see available commercial space, outstanding appointments, prospective customers and much more.

Efficient document management

You can integrate your entire document management into 365.retail. From lease agreements for your retail space to applications for advertised positions - everything is right where it should be.

Intelligent email connection with tracking

The intelligent Outlook connection ensures that you will not lose any more e-mails. You can easily link each e-mail with the respective contact. Thus, every incoming and outgoing e-mail is in its place and it is always traceable who was in contact with whom and when.

Overview of all business cases running in the Center

With 365.retail, you benefit from a comprehensive overview of all your business cases, which makes organising your business much easier.

Comprehensive reporting with Microsoft Power BI (Like2Like analyses, etc.)

Microsoft Power BI supports you with user-friendly tools to evaluate your business data and to display the results clearly and analyse them in real time. You can easily create interactive reports and evaluations without programming knowledge.

When managing several centers, the overview must not be lost!
365.retail supports you with extensive evaluation options and comparisons with previous years using Microsoft Power BI.

Comprehensive analysis with Microsoft Power BI

With the help of Microsoft Power BI you can clearly evaluate and analyze data, sales, visitor numbers, etc. This enables you to make a comprehensive comparison of your individual centers and helps you to make important business decisions.

All centers at a glance

If you are the owner or manager of several centers in different locations, it is important to be well coordinated and always know everything. With 365.retail, you can keep track of all your centers across all locations and countries.

All centers in comparison

With 365.retail you can compare all your centers in a clear and concise manner and easily create comprehensive analyses of your centers. So you always know which shopping destination performs how well.

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The All-in-One Software Solution for Shopping Center

We know the requirements of our retail customers - our cloud-based software complements the market leader's CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (Dynamics CRM), with all the functions that shopping centers and malls need for their daily work.

With 365.retail, it has never been easier for shopping centers to let their space as profitably as possible and to present themselves to end customers as attractive shopping destinations.

Managing rental contracts, recording tenant turnover, servicing end customers with mailings and carrying out complex analyses - 365.retail makes all this and more possible in one solution. With 365.retail, decentralized systems for marketing, maintenance and tenant management are a thing of the past.

A balanced industry mix paired with optimized vacancy management will increase the efficiency of the center.

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  • The complete solution for shopping centers and malls.
  • Process all business areas with just one software.
  • 100% compatible with Office 365.
  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Full Outlook integration.
  • Immediately usable as a cloud solution.
  • GDPR-compliant.

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